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Best Essay Writing Apps 2023


Apr 14, 2022
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Best Essay Writing Apps 2023

Writing can be a complex thing for many people. Its base is categorized into three main features, organization, order, and logic. So, if you miss one of these features while writing any kind of assignment, the readers can easily become disenchanted. But luckily, there are all kinds of apps that help you with everything that you can imagine. So, of course, that includes writing.

No matter whether you are writing a paper, an essay, a blog, or a press release. At some point, you have surely found yourself looking online for some of the best essay writing apps or software that can help you complete your writing with ease. Especially if you are a high school, college, or university student, you surely know what we are talking about. Students are often overwhelmed with tons of writing assignments, and if you are one of these students, you most likely are searching for help and assistance from experts in various fields.

So, to help you, we have gathered a list of the best apps for you. Some of those essay apps help you correct your mistakes and deliver a mistake-free assignment, help you with ideas and give you inspiration, and others effectively deliver pieces of writings such as argumentative, critical, expository, narrative, and analytical essays to you. And most importantly you don’t have to pay a hefty amount of money for them. So, let’s dive a bit deeper and share them with you individually.


Grammarly is known to be the best essay writing software that improves the quality of any kind of writing. Grammarly can save you from any grammatical, misspellings and punctuation mistakes, and any other issues. This online proofreader automatically detects all possible mistakes in your writing, corrects them, and gives you suggestions for word choice and writing style.

Also, Grammarly compares your writing with billions of websites and, in that way, detects plagiarism and ensures you that your text is original. Finally, there is an unpaid and paid version of Grammarly. The unpaid version contains most of the features that the premium one does, apart from the plagiarism detector and the advanced grammar checker. And it is worth mentioning that aside from being a mobile app, it can be used as a desktop app for Windows or Mac as well as a chrome plugin.


Edusson is an app that will write essays for you, so you don’t have to spend hours and hours looking for information and writing on a topic that is not interesting to you. This kind of app helps you craft properly structured essays, ensure that you don’t have any kind of punctuation and grammar mistake, and in the meanwhile, they save you time and make your complete assignment more convenient. So, by downloading the Edusson essay helper app on your smartphone, you won’t have to worry about your assignments anymore.


This one is free mind-mapping software that you can use to design structured diagrams. It allows its users to keep track of their projects, including subtasks, time recording, and state of subtasks. Basically, this software helps the writers create an essay and brainstorm by using colors to show them which essay is open and show them the size of the essay. Also, it is DES encrypted and allows you to apply it to the whole map to ensure that you won’t lose your academic writing data while working.


There are many free essay writing services in the form of an app, but StudyDriver is known as the best essay app with years of experience in various writing subjects and styles. In addition, it provides a huge database with more than 100 different academic subjects that you can view and get ideas and inspiration from.

However, they also offer access to more than 600+ professional writers and allow the users to choose their preferred writer. Users can choose between a standard writer, a premium one, or a platinum professional, and depending on your choice, your project can have a deadline from 3 hours to 62 days. As a result, this app has gained the trust of many users around the globe. And almost every review state that StudyDriver provides them with professional writing and content at reasonable price rates.


When working on an assignment paper or any kind of writing, sometimes you need more than words to make it more interesting and engaging. And that means that you need to add some visually appealing infographics. And that is when Canva comes to place. Canva is an amazing and powerful tool that you can use to design beautiful images and graphics, and most importantly, you don’t have to be a professional designer to work on it because the software is very simple and user-friendly. It gives you inspiration and allows you to build on top of existing designs, or design your own. You can also choose to pay for the premium subscription, which will unlock many more traits.


PapersOwl is one of the most popular websites among students, and many of them seem to also enjoy the app. They offer a wide range of services and allow users to request article reviews, course work, dissertations, research proposals and research papers, speeches, and of course, essays.

PapersOwl is mostly known for its writing quality and its extremely friendly customer support. The application is very simple to use, and the ordering is done in very simple steps. You start by entering the type of paper, the subject, the number of pages, the format, and the deadline, and you end it with the service type, and they provide you with everything that you asked for. PapersOwl also has a feature that allows the customers to choose the essay writer they want to do their writing. And provides them free samples of all sorts of writings that can be accessed whenever they want and used as motivation.


Evernote is a note-taking app that works amazing for clipping articles from the web and processing hand-written notes. You can do basically everything on this app, from creating checklists and to-do lists, capturing recipes for tracking expenses, and drawing out specific notes. It also allows you to use the web clipper tool, share notes with others and search for text in images.

Using this app is very similar to using Microsoft Word or any other word processing software. It is user-friendly and gives three types of services for personal use, an unpaid one known as Basic, a plus one that costs $34.99 a year, and a Premium subscription that costs $69.99 a year. In addition, it provides you with 60MB of storage and presents the users with two apps, one for Android and one for iPhone. The only drawback is that you will need the appropriate service or tier to enter your notes offline.


A manuscript is a writing tool that you can use to write a novel, short story, or essay. The software of this app does way more than the built-in punctuation, grammar, and spelling. It is also known as the best app that finds things like compound words, numerals in the middle of the sentence, abbreviations that may appear in different forms, layout, etc. And it is completely free to use without limitations. Writing may look frustrating, but this app will make it way easier and more fun for you, and you can also use it as editing software for your assignment before sending it to your teacher.


Edubirdie and PapersOwl are very similar apps, Edubirdie also has had a website for many years, and their app does everything that the website does, but it is way simpler to use, and of course, it is mobile-friendly because you can download it on your mobile phone. In addition, their app offers a superior quality writing service. Every customer receives professional and timely backup from an expert who works in the chosen field.

They provide the users with an amazing range of services that cover all types of academic needs possible. Meaning that besides a two paged assignment, they can also provide you with a demanding analysis or a winning speech. Edubirdie is easy to use, and the ordering is done in just four steps. You start by providing them with the paper information, selecting one of their native English writers, examining your request, and paying for it. They also have a feature that provides the users three writers options to choose from. They have writers in a standard category, and a premium category, and platinum category, a plagiarism feature, a grammar-checking feature, etc. Also, if something doesn’t go as planned, they offer the users a full refund.

Focus Writer

Focus Writer is a free word processing software that runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux. It is mostly known as a writer app that is an alternative to Microsoft Word because Microsoft Word is a paid software, and many users simply can’t afford it. With the help of this program, you can write texts and save that text in an RTF format. In addition, it provides its users a live document statistic that avoids the need to run word counts every time you want or need to check where you are. All in all, it is a good application that provides its users with all the needed traits such as a hide-away interface, spell checking, document tabs, themes, live statistics, and many more. So, if you simply need a blank page to use as a paper writing app, this one can be a great choice for you.


That was our list of the best apps to choose from for writing. However, they are all different and unique in their own way. Like we already said, some offer you tools to write your assignment, others give you help and inspiration, and some even write the essay for you. So, you can definitely discover some that will feat your needs. So, think about it and take everything into consideration before choosing any of our suggested apps. We hope that this article will help you pick the perfect essay writing app that will bring you many new college or school achievements.

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