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Are Essay Writing Services Legal?


Mar 08, 2022
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Are Essay Writing Services Legal?

Perhaps when writing aid started a few decades ago, it only targetted post-graduate and master’s folks looking for research materials for their thesis. Post-graduate scholars often partnered with research institutions to carry out surveys and experiments on their subjects. Over time, this partnership grew to become a business transaction where students pay, and the institution assumes responsibility for the research work.

Today, however, this practice has transcends to undergraduates now outsourcing the majority of their writing projects to professional writing experts online. How bad does this affect the integrity of the educational system?

Do you have an essay, term, or school writing project due in a few days? Are you sceptical about falling victim to fraudulent writing platforms online? Are they ethical or legit to begin with? Read along as we share detailed answers to your questions and point you in the right direction to hire high-quality writing help.

How Do Essay Writing Services Work?

As implied, essay writing services aid undergraduates on their university essay topics and projects. While students have to worry about research, typing, and compiling their essays, professional writers do them without stress. Essay writing service providers have the skills and research bandwidth to compile authentic and high-quality papers. Since more than a handful of them are on the internet, students need to be careful before subscribing to their services.

So how does hiring a trusted essay writing service work? As college students have to write on different courses – their request for an essay writer would be based on the subject of the assignment. One of the recent PapersOwl review on essay writing prompts students to seek help based on their essay topics. This helps the essay writing company direct their writing tasks to the appropriate professionals with expertise in such fields.

Students have first to register or contact an essay writing company. Depending on how the hiring process works, the agency would either reach out to you or request that you post the description on its website. The project description is a detailed outline of the student’s essay topic, which provides the expert with additional information. With that, the firm either pairs you up with an expert or makes a list of potential writing experts to help with your essay. After which you’d have to pay for the service.

Are Essay Writing Services Legal?

Now that you know how they work, just how legal are the writing services that these sites offer? To answer that, please note that for a writing service company to go public, they have to meet the criteria of operations mandated by the laws of the country’s jurisdiction. Of course, these criteria get revised from time to time because of the increasing rates of fraudulent activities on these sites. Therefore, you should not question the legalities or service of the writing company but their competency.

Contrary to what you may have heard from any source with a biased opinion, these essay services are not illegal. At the time of this writing, no law prohibits creating or using any writing service online. Regardless of what some educational fanatics put out there, students do not plan to disrupt or outsmart the educational system. It’s rather absurd for anyone to believe these things because the system has and would always determine the direction students go.

As long as undergraduates purchase a product from a writer or a legal essay writing service firm, their actions are 100% legal. Simply put, you can make a writing service purchase today online without the worries of committing a “Federal” crime in the US. Yes, it is legal to hire writing aid online in the United States. The United States considered the procedure a consumer merely purchasing an intellectual product from professional, impeccable writing skills.

The United States has the highest record of best essay writing services compared to other western countries. As much as undergraduates only outsource college essays and do not share a legally-implicating document, their actions are legal. You may complicate matters for yourself by sending a legally incriminating document online for help. Only on these terms should scholars consider their decisions to get help or service from essay writing sites illegal. It’s safe to get those essay points now!

Is Purchasing a Writing Service Online Unethical?

Based on the ethical beliefs of some schools, students who outsource their essays to any writing service are cheaters. They do not share the beliefs of the unemployment arm of the government that believes it to be a transaction between the sites and their users. Regardless of how some institutions twist it, it is not illegal to outsource to an essay writing service and should not be tagged as cheating. College scholars hire professional help from companies to improve their academic performance.

It is merely a means to seek a solution on how undergraduates can manage their tight schedules. Before colleges and universities rule this practice as being unethical, they should take some time to consider the difficulty of merging jobs with academic activities. By paying a fixed amount of money, a student can hire a professional writing expert to help with their school paper. The writing companies are only designed to support and supplement the workloads of undergraduates

If it’s any help, colleges and professors should think of these essay paper writing websites as tutoring guides. In reality, paper writing professionals help shed more light on the subject matter, sometimes more than what undergraduates get in class. These companies have access to many resource materials for writing original and informative term papers. Every paper comes with on-time delivery benefits, zero plagiarism, and well-researched sections and sub-sections.

Some Top Essay Writing Services


One of the best sites you can be sure of getting excellent writing assistance is Papersowl. With many years of experience in delivering quality, this site is among the competitive sites that give the best. If you want affordable essay writing services done promptly, going for Papersowl will be a good decision to make.

Interestingly, they have many writers with different subject knowledge that can multitask to give you quality results every time. With as low as $15, you can get a page delivered to you within five days. Plus, you can decide to speed up your deadline, which would cost more but is worth it. If you plan to do business with the best and enjoy ease doing it, this is one great option for you.


Not so many essay writing companies can deliver quality papers for more than ten years. That is what makes Edusson stand out, as their years of experience are their selling point. All the years they have been functioning, more than 20,000 people have benefited from their essay writing services, and the reviews they leave are mind-blowing.

Edusson has capable writers ready to work who have been trained professionally and would give nothing else than an excellent text. Also, they work well with short deadlines, which means you can be sure of getting good work in a slim time without compromising quality.


If you need to get essay writing, dissertation, research paper writing, and any similar essay done, you can trust Edubirdie for that. They have more than 450 expert writers who have many years of experience working in any field listed on the site.

Also, if you want to be a good writer, there are tools Edubirdie makes available for all your writing tasks. You can use the grammar checker plagiarism checker and conclude like a pro using the conclusion generator tool. The juicy part is that the price starts from $18, which is very affordable compared to many other sites.


This company is one of the many top-rated sites that offer only high-quality work on all writing assignments. If you want business writing, academic paper writing, and many other similar writings, you are at the right place with Paperell. With Paperell, you don’t have to worry about getting plagiarized-free texts as all writings go through a regimented plagiarism policy.

Interestingly, all the services offered on this site come with a money-back guarantee. Any issue you might have with the writing would be attended to within 24 hours of submission, but if you are not satisfied, you will get your money back. If you want this form of assurance, get started with Paperell already.

When a site has a simple interface, it will be quicker to get things done. At Writix, you will easily see the essay style you want and order it quickly. All writers available are experienced and particular about prompt deliveries. Whatever type of text you want to do, be it essay writing or research paperwork, you will find the perfect writer for you at Writix, and you can get it done as low as E12.15 for every page you want to be done. Also, all work is always original as they pass through the plagiarism checker available on the website to ensure your work is safe.

If you have any questions on how your paperwork is done, there is an FAQ section on the Writix site that answers many of your questions. However, if there are still more questions you need to answer, the customer service is available to chat with you in real-time and round the clock. So, whether you need your essays or dissertations written, you have the best writers ready to help you with it within your specific time frame.

Signs of a Scam Paper Writing Service

Fake Essay Reviews

Reading through and inspecting the reviews on online platforms is a great way to start when trying to spot a scam. It’s pretty straightforward since all writing sites love to brag about their achievements online. Watch out for a team of writers’ signatures on multiple reviews accredited to essay writing services. It sounds like an outdated scam, but it’s the easiest to rough up quickly without raising any suspicions. If you aren’t patient enough, you might not notice the trails they leave.

Premium Writing Services Never Come Cheap!

With the number of hours professionals put into research, typing, and compiling term papers or school essays – you’d be naive to think they’d charge ridiculously cheap fees. The low price scheme has always worked on undergraduates for years simply because they believe they can save a lot this way. In as much as legit platforms get considerate with their rates, they cannot work for free. You’d be exposing yourself to a scam if you think twice about exiting a site with low charge rates.

Same Creators Posing under Different Domains

Today, chances are one out of every four scam sites are linked to multiple fraudulent writing service platforms. It’s one of the most common scams because it costs little to nothing to run a functioning website. This strategy helps the creators increase their chances of getting more clients from different fake sites. People never think twice about being scammed because most websites out there look the same anyways.

Lack of Instant Support

Irrespective of how real a fraudulent site looks, you should question its legitimacy if it offers late or zero assistance. We’re not talking about bold text that reads “24/7 customer service” on their landing page. If you’re not careful enough, they might ghost you after writing your project in a shabby manner. When they disappear from the radar, it becomes almost impossible to contact or track the so-called writer assigned to the project.

No User Agreement

One major red flag to watch for with scam platforms online is the absence of a user agreement. Legit essay writing service sites would always create this agreement to protect their users’ confidentiality. Any website without this document in any format doesn’t have your best interest at heart. Most importantly, sites without clearly-stated refund or revision policies offer you zero guarantees on their services.

No Online Presence on Review Sites

Review sites do make the job of spotting scam platforms possible if you’re patient enough. Reading through external reviews about a site would not only help clear your doubts about its legitimacy but also highlight its pros and cons. If you can’t find one review about them online, it means their services aren’t worth reviewing, which should raise suspicions. Without a review to read about their strength and flaws, never risk your payment by getting into business with a scam.


Online writing service sites are legal, and there are no prohibitions against their creation. The ethnicity of seeking help online depends on the authorities of colleges and universities.

However, there’s nothing wrong with getting the help of writing professionals online when needed to help save time for other tasks. We listed a few trusted essay writing services platforms that’d give you value for your money on all writing projects. You can spot scam sites if you watch carefully before making any commitments.

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