Imagine you are reading a wonderful essay with a catchy plot and structure is just perfect but! Oh, no, you read that long sentence already five times and still didn’t get the meaning of it. Is it familiar to you? That is the reason we need all those proofreading tools to use. The writer does his job by creating the literature masterpiece. The rest of the job belongs to the proofreader who is able to give the text the final face. What do you think is hidden behind the professional word of the person who published the great content on the website? Before leading the text to the correct results there are other people who make this writing process simply advanced. In most cases someone else’s fast fresh eye helps to determine grammatical mistakes, wrong spelling and other issues which were not noticed before. That’s why it is so much important to hire a proofreading company to enhance academic writing which will help you not only with recommended suggestions but with formatting of your paper. It has become more common today to contact online proofreading services to get help with custom writing especially if this student is not native English speaker. The choice to ask proofreaders with suggestions about the text also very often comes from a desire to make the job faster if you write something which is not related to the main field of study. A lot of subjects at the school ask students learning difficult information even if they have no need for it. They write works from finance or economic subjects when the general direction is computer science for their life. The worst thing when timing is just not enough to lift all the burden of the study. So the proofreaders from the editing team will be a great solution here. The best proofreading services can be found in an online company which has its purpose to write popular plagiarism free documents. These proofreading tools very often save even the best students when the proofreader checked and edited documents for them. If we have a quick talk in order to understand what the meaning of such a company is we have this example. The proofreader is some kind of jeweler who makes that golden ring to insert the diamond in. This works like with grammarly – eliminates all errors with typos, errors and punctuation. So after this quality check is passed the essay is ready to meet its readers.

The internet market offers hundreds of websites which can provide assistance with both types of writings. They include writings from scratch or improve the paper by enhancing via editors. Here are 5 the best online proofreading services.


papersowl review is mostly a place where you can get help with writings. So mainly you will find here assistance with such documents as essays, dissertations, research papers and other academic types of help. But PapersOwl underlines editing like a separate feature among other tools. So let’s go to the Writing tools.

What we need from this menu is Edit. PapersOwl put such categories of writing if you are looking for editing assistance:

  • Essay
  • Research Paper;
  • Dissertation

The list of the items which you can proofread with this service is pretty wide and you can request editing assistance with the same types of paper which are listed as those possible if to order the new writing. Here are different types of essays, critical thinking, speech help etc.

Editing a research paper will bring a group of science editors to start working under your order. Among the subjects are both directions – philological (like Psychology, Business or Literature) and exact science (Engineering or Computer science).

On top of this service come some free features like a title page, a reference page; in-text citations; a running head and page numbers.

Dissertation Editing Service will help with strong subjects for your writing. PapersOwl is ready to provide 35+ science areas and professional phd editors for your needs. The only experienced writers with the highest rating will take the order to proofread your dissertation. What PapersOwl offers here you can see below:

PapersOwl Services Review

Convenience with choosing exactly this proofreading tool comes from the ability to choose the suitable editor by yourself. They present the rating of best editors on the same page here so it makes it easy to pick the editor right away. The pricing system is based on the bidding principle like in case for ordering totally new writing. The type of service in the ordering panel must be switched to Edit and the document can be uploaded. After that editors will start bidding.

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Top Essay Writing Service - Edusson

Edusson is another essay writing service with a big accent on providing new writings. However if the subject is regarding improving an already existing paper switch the slider to the Edit position and upload your document. Pleasant bonus here is they offer discounts for the orders which can start from 15%. In case of any questions Edusson has a good customer support system. Telephone number, e-mail address or live chat – all channels for communication are here. Good to know about transparent attitudes regarding their location. Company bravely keeps this information open in front of the customers showing the central office address which is Cyprus

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edubirdie review

Edubirdie separates two directions of help on their webpage. You can find a detailed description of the grammar improving process.

The webpage underlines three categories for editing:

  • Dissertation;
  • Essay;
  • Research Paper.

Wonderful thing is saving time with this proofreading service. As the minimal deadline they can provide is 3 hours to edit your work! The price is just for 7 USD per page. So they also state about price here which makes it quite easy to orientate about the budget. The whole process of editing includes such manipulations:


Grammar check The editor checks availability of the mistakes with their further improvement. To those we can address typos, sentences structure, right use of words etc.
Punctuation check It is all about punctuation marks. All commas and hyphens will be placed to the right places. The editor will adjust punctuation to the level to carry the right tone of the essay.
Requirements check This step provides full quality recheck regarding all necessary sources and materials. The editors will trace whether the full compliance with the –initial instructions were kept.

Although, the money will not be charged at once. First you approve that the text meets all your requirements and only after you are completely satisfied with the result of the work the payment will be done.

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paperell review

Paperell carries the main purpose in its existence to provide help with writing as well. But on the way it brings a grammarly enhancing option. The order placed to edit your paper will be the same as in previous sites – while submitting the ordering form move the slider to the Edit position and provide all needed instructions and notes for editors to take it into the work. The service is very convenient by its reachable team and direct communication with the writers/editors. The price can be negotiated with the editors before you choose the most suitable for you. Only the expert in his/her own field of study will help you out with the task. All procedures are based on the proper standard format. Paperell can adjust the format according to APA, MLA, Chicago or Harvard requirements.

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StudyMoose Review

StudyMoose is mainly designed for ordering the works but improving options will be revealed if you go with ordering flow to the second step and choose the edit option. While ordering the recommendation to change to premium line will appear. That indicates that your paper will be edited with an advanced proofreader. So adding this option will be a nice idea for complicated types of writing.

What is great about this service is that they provide a very wide range of options. It starts from a large database of free accessible articles, essays, papers for any need and of any subject. After that follows the offer for getting help with writing if you stuck with ideas. And the next option that users can find going deeper into the ordering form is proofreading.

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Listed 5 the best online proofreading services here are chosen based on the best rating among other websites. The happiest customers use those websites more frequently than others. So based on their reviews, recommendations in social media, and our own experience we declare, Edusson, Edubirdie, Paperell and StudyMoose to be the best online proofreading services today. Why today? Because everything runs, everything changes. Not within a year or month but even one day only. Those English writing services have helped thousands happy customers lately. Which company will be the best proofreader with language grammatical errors the nearest time will be known as soon as we search results again. We hope the company web which is listed above will bring an idea to you which website for English writing to use.

So keep an eye on the modern trend and don’t forget to do research before going to action. Save your time and nerves before making a final decision. Sometimes we hope that Microsoft word or grammarly will be quiet enough for correct spelling or errors to be revealed. But today our world still is not the level when we can be 100% sure that cold machine brains are able to substitute humanity. That’s why changed and edited work performed by humans is always a variant for winners.